"We don't meditate to get better at meditating, we meditate to get better at life"- Sharon Salzberg

Meditating- I love it so much but why is it hard to maintain the practice? There are lots of reasons for us all, for myself- I suppose it's the inconsistency in my daily schedule that makes it a bit harder for me to make meditating consistent. Yet it can still be done. I do find that if I meditate in the morning, it is easier for me to stay on track. I am still a bit of a "meditation sampler", that is to say that I try many different types of meditation on a regular basis. Part of this is because I enjoy learning new things, but also because I teach meditation in my yoga classes, so I like to introduce different methods to my students. We all have different preferences, so I want to provide options so they can find the right fit for themselves. So what if you have never meditated? Let me suggest trying a guided meditation. There are apps- headspace, insight timer, and websites- www.fragrantheart.com and so many others. Try a 3-5 minute guided meditation and if you didn't like their voice or phrasing, I would suggest keep trying until you find someone that suits you. OK, so now you found the style you like, but your mind is busy, thoughts keep coming to you, you become uncomfortable, distracted.....etc. That is to be expected, we have over 60,000 thoughts per day. Meditation helps us recognize this and then we begin to slowly find those brief moments of stillness between our thoughts. Want more of those moments of stillness? Keep practicing and let me know your favorite meditation apps, sites, etc.

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