Family Yoga routine

Sharing a lesson plan for family yoga. This is for both yoga instructors and families. Enjoy!

Family Yoga Zoom Session 3 Written June 17, 2020 by Liz Abendroth, MEd, RYT

Breath- heart centered breath- Lace fingers together over heart space.

Asana: Standing-

Warm up: Mountain pose

Flinging of fingers/ Add bouncing on balls of feet

March and slap thigh with same hand

March and slap with opposite hand

Widen stance and twist/ arms across body

Star pose/ Star jumps

Mountain- fingers laced & hands on head: inhale stretch arms up/ exhale onto head/repeat

Repeat again and add raising up on toes as inhale & stretch up

Mountain-sweep up and into

Forward fold

Downward dog

Childs pose


Balancing table


Crocodile and kick feet

Butterfly - then bend forward

Single Airplane or Double airplane

Single or Twisted chair

Single forward fold with bent knees clasping elbows or double forward fold

Back to back standing wide leg FF & hold hand/ wave

Single side bend or double heart side bend:

Single or Double gate pose

Single or .Double Butterfly Facing toes touch, knees out to sides. Hold wrists. Gentle fold forward one at a time

Single or Double childs/embryo head to head

Calming poses:

Breath bridge flow one arm turn head then both arms

Lay on back knee to chest and twist knee across body each side

Guided meditation: Loving kindness meditation written by Liz Abendroth MEd, RYT June 17,2020:

Getting more still- Listen to chime until you can’t hear it anymore…. Begin to notice your breathing- feeling your body moving gently as you breathe in and out- connecting the breath once again to the space around your heart.

Begin to relax your toes…... feet…... legs….. belly….. your chest…... your whole back……..softening your shoulders…….. down your arms……..all your fingers…. Now relax your face and let the back of your head feel heavy. Your whole body feels heavy & relaxed……..

Picture in your mind a favorite person…... Notice how you feel in your body and in your heart when you think of this person…. Begin to sense or see this feeling in your heart as a golden light -like sunlight……. Begin to send this feeling, this happy light, to that person. Maybe it feels like a smile or a hug that you are sending……. As you breathe in and out imagine sending this sunlight smile from your heart to this person…... Now let this feeling, this “sunlight smile” spread out from your heart out to yourself- to your whole body -from your heart out towards your fingers, down to your toes and up to the top of your head…... Filling your whole body…. sending yourself this feeling of sunny happiness, calmness and peace….. Resting here quiet and still until you hear the chime

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