Growing in Mindfulness

with Liz Abendroth

Yoga, Art, Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor


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I offer several classes: School based yoga (before and after school programs), Kids and Teen Yoga and Mindfulness, Yoga and Mindful Art, Family Yoga, Yoga Nidra & meditation classes, school trainings for staff to integrate Yoga and Mindfulness in the classroom,  Yoga for sports teams,

Girl Scout workshops & more.   

I have a Master's degree in Education and began working in public schools in 1997 as a School Psychologist. I began teaching Kids Yoga after training with Yoga Calm.

I have also completed trainings with Kidding Around Yoga, Mindful Schools, ParaYoga Nidra with Rod Stryker, Restorative Yoga training with Jules Mitchell and Jillian Pransky Restorative 101. I completed my 200 RYT training with Satyam Yoga school. 

I am passionate about sharing the benefits of Yoga, mindfulness meditation and creativity  with all ages,

but especially with young people. 

Sunshine smile guided meditation:

Getting more still- Listen to chime until you can’t hear it anymore…. Begin to notice your breathing- feeling your body moving gently as you breathe in and out- connecting the breath once again to the space around your heart.          Begin to relax your toes…... feet…... legs….. belly….. your chest…...  your whole back……..softening your shoulders…….. down your arms……..all your fingers…. Now relax your  face and let the back of your  head feel heavy.  Your whole body feels heavy & relaxed…….. 

Picture in your mind a favorite person…... Notice how you feel in your body and in your heart when you think of this person…. Begin to sense or see this feeling in your heart as a golden light -like sunlight…….  Begin to send this feeling, this happy light, to that person. Maybe it feels like a smile or  a hug that you are sending……. As you breathe in and out imagine sending this sunlight smile from your heart to this person…...  Now  let this feeling, this “sunlight smile” spread out from your heart out to yourself- to your  whole body -from your heart out towards your fingers, down to your  toes and up  to the top of your head…... Filling your whole body…. sending yourself this feeling of sunny happiness, calmness and peace….. Resting here quiet and still until you hear the chime                 -by Liz Abendroth, MEd,RYT

Classes & Workshops in 2021

Girl Scout Yoga & Mindfulness  workshops

I have been a girl scout leader for 12 years and teaching scouts at daycamps, encamporees, private sessions in person and via Zoom. 

 Cost is typically per troop (not per scout) to keep it affordable - for example $30 for 30  minutes, $45 for 45 minutes total cost. Currently delivered via Zoom or outdoors.  Contact to schedule: or find me listed

Yoga & Mindful Art Workshops 

Yoga and Art workshops for Girl Scouts,  homeschool groups, clubs, birthday parties, etc.  

Currently delivered via Zoom or outdoors. 

Contact to schedule:

Restorative yoga &/or Meditation

Custom classes for Girl Scouts, homeschool groups, schools, 

Email to arrange

Yoga & Mindfulness outdoors

Yoga, mindfulness, yoga nidra, walking meditation, & art connecting to nature for children, schools, homeschool groups, or businesses. 

Contact instructor to arrange: 

Tween girl Mindful Art & Yoga

 These workshops focus on building self-esteem, learning coping skills such as mindfulness and breath practices, build wellness 

through yoga and meditation & inspire creativity with art & craft projects.

please email me soon if you are interested in future workshops


Yoga, Art & Nature: 2019-2021 student creations: 

Group created

Mandala activity:

What we have created together- memories 2017-2020 so far...

Thank you to all the amazing families, kids, teens, schools, non-profits, festivals and farmers markets for teaming with me this past year to offer yoga, mindfulness, meditation and art in the PNW and beyond. I hope to offer more Zoom classes

& some outdoor classes soon!


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