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Growing in Mindfulness

with Liz Abendroth

Yoga, Art, Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor


Thank you for visiting my website! 

I offer several classes: School based yoga (before and after school programs), Kids and Teen Yoga and Mindfulness, Yoga and Mindful Art, Family Yoga, Adult yoga & meditation classes, school trainings for staff to integrate Yoga and Mindfulness in the classroom,  Yoga for sports teams,

Girl Scout workshops & more.   

I have a Master's degree in Education and began working in public schools in 1997 as a School Psychologist. I began teaching Kids Yoga after training with Yoga Calm.

I have also completed trainings with Kidding Around Yoga, Mindful Schools, ParaYoga Nidra with Rod Stryker, Restorative Yoga training with Jules Mitchell and Jillian Pransky Restorative 101. I completed my 200 RYT training with Satyam Yoga school. 

I am passionate about sharing the benefits of Yoga, mindfulness meditation and creativity  with all ages, but especially with young people. 

Classes & Workshops in 2020


*Tween Girl Mindful Art and Yoga in Mill Creek

For girls ages 10-13. $25 per workshop

Sunday February 9th 1-3 PM  "Heart-centered"

This month we will focus on heart centered yoga poses, create watercolor tissue paper heart art,  discuss the things that bring us joy, & what really is "happiness?", play feelings jenga,  and enjoy a loving kindness guided meditation practice.

Register www.yogainthecenter.com - click on "Events"

Dates for March, April and May posted soon


*Family Yoga in Mill Creek

Sunday February 9th 4-5 pm-  Kids ages 4 and older and their favorite adults.

"Be my Valentine" yoga with partner poses, a compliment web activity, the love it or leave it game and a cuddly heart centered guided meditation.

Register www.yogainthecenter.com - click on "Events"

Cost $25 first 2 attendees, $5 per each additional attendee.

Spring session held Sunday May 17th 

​* Kids Yoga & Mindful Art Workshops in Mill Creek

Kids ages 6-9. Sunday February 23rd 2-4 PM

"Winter Beach Party"  

Fun beach inspired poses, beach ball and parachute games, a sea-inspired calming craft  and an ocean sound guided meditation.    

$25 Register www.yogainthecenter.com - click on "Events"

Additional dates: March 22nd, April 19th & May 31st

Yoga Nidra workshop 

New Moon Yoga Nidra Sunday February  23rd 7-8:15 PM 

Yoga Nidra is a Sanskrit word which can be translated as yogic sleep.

It is an ancient practice which systematically induces complete

mental, physical, and emotional relaxation.

We lie in supportive poses and move our awareness

to different parts of the body with guided imagery.

Through this process the subtle energy channels are revitalized.

n this workshop we will begin with a centering breath practice,

followed by a restorative pose and then settle into our Nidra practice. 

The practice this month coincides with the New Moon,

which is a symbolic point of intention and focus for new beginnings.

New Moons are a great time to set intentions

for things you'd like to create, develop, and cultivate.

$25 Register www.yogainthecenter.com - click on "Events"

Next Yoga Nidra offered May 31st 

​* Tween Girl Mindful Art and Yoga in Everett

For girls ages 10-13.

Workshops offered through Everett Parks Department:

May 23rd, June 27th & July 18th 

Registration details soon!

​* Tween Girl Mindful Art and Yoga in Seattle

For girls ages 10-13.

March 7th, April 11th & May 16th 

Workshops held at Aditi Yoga & Wellness in Wallingford.

Registration details soon!

Summer Yoga and Mindful Art Camp dates posted soon


Custom Classes & Workshops

Girl scout  workshops 

 Yoga and Mindfulness workshops for your troop, Scout and parent yoga and more.

$100-125 per workshop

Email me to schedule:


Before or after school programs

Custom student yoga & mindfulness classes or workshop for your school. 

Email to arrange elizabendroth@gmail.com

Yoga &  Mindful Art Workshops or Parties

Yoga and Art workshops for homeschool groups, clubs, and parties. 

Contact instructor to arrange: elizabendroth@gmail.com 

Yoga & Mindfulness outdoors

Yoga, mindfulness, walking meditation, & art connecting to nature for children, schools, homeschool groups, or businesses. 

Contact instructor to arrange: elizabendroth@gmail.com 

Yoga, Art & Nature: 2019 student creations: 

Group created

Mandala activity:

A few highlights  from


Thank you to all the amazing families, kids, teens, schools, non-profits, festivals and farmers markets for teaming with me this past year to offer yoga, mindfulness, meditation and art in the PNW and beyond. I am excited to see what happens in 2020.